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Sophia Felder

“Culture Energized is unique and engaging experience for companies/organizations of any size.  Patsy and Mo were fun, informative and kept the conversation flowing. Their presence helped to generate interest in a subject that oftentimes we want to bring up at work, but may not feel equipped to do so.  Thank you so much ladies for being so authentic and inspiring in your approach to diversity and inclusion!”

Olivia Omega.jpeg

Camber Outdoors

Olivia Omega

“I love Mo’s energy, it’s contagious. I learn something new every time she is in front of a room!”


Product Manager

Jill Mant

As a veteran of the corporate world, I have taken quite a large number of diversity/inclusivity trainings through work and through Board trainings for non profits I have been blessed to serve. I would highly recommend engaging Culture Energized for any corporate, board or youth development/leadership trainings you may be charged with helping your organization facilitate.


Aurora Chamber of Commerce

Tamara Mohomad

“Partnering with Culture Energized was a great experience as they are professional, timely, smart, creative and overall a joy to be around! They are exceptional trainers who have the ability to stimulate an audience in any environment. They encourage attendees to network and engage in a unique way. They have a talent in using activity based training, cultivating humor to encourage productive and influential networking... the group laughed together and since have continued to talk about their experience!


Recruiting Innovation

Allison Daley

Wow! I did not know learning diversity CAN be fun and impactful. Thank you for leaving us inspired!”


Phenomenal Women Inc.

Joshalynn Green

Mo was great, she provided a ton of valuable information. She also engaged the team to work as a group and assisted us in developing our team goals on site.


Denver Parks and Recreation

Mollie Strawn

“I attended the first Diversity 101 Workshop with Mo and Patsy, and was very impressed with their unique abilities to relate to their audience.  The workshop was an introductory D & I training; however, I learned a lot and enjoyed their training facilitation. They kept the group on their feet and maintained a positive atmosphere, especially when discussing hard topics.  I would definitely recommend attending one of their workshops, or bringing them to your organization for training.”

Caelynn Houston, Gusto .jpeg


Caelynn Houstan

“Culture Energized does an EXCELLENT job of addressing diversity in an engaging and less intimidating environment!”


Fluent Hustle

Ira Coleman

Culture Energized is so awesome!

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