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About Us

Our Mission

To build and transform teams through facilitated conversations on diversity, equity and inclusion. We help foster environments that are inclusive at all levels including; businesses, schools, organizations and community members by creating a platform where voices are safely heard.

Our Vision

To partner with organizations that demonstrate a genuine willingness to be educated and aligned with our business values. Ultimately, leveraging diversity in a workforce in order to achieve a culture where all individuals are treated fairly, give a chance to excel, feel respected and together produce superior business results.

We believe in order to re-energize a business, you must first energize those that believe in your mission first.


 Mo Abdullah


Mariam (Mo) Abdullah is the Founder of Culture Energized and an experienced certified trainer and entrepreneur. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Mo has worked with over 60 schools and organizations across the U.S in creating positive culture through professional development trainings. In addition, she has over 5 years experience working in the education and non profit sector servicing over 2,500 students, teachers and professionals on social emotional learning, group management and youth leadership. With her electrifying facilitation style, she has been able to impact diverse groups of people while shining light on the issues that matter!

Our Mission

Patsy Pesa

Creative Director | Trainer

Patsy is originally from Chicago and has over 10 years working with various educational non-profits and organizations that serve diverse populations. She is a certified trainer with a diverse skill set that includes curriculum development, project management, and partner relations. She will be overseeing the creative process at Culture Energized as as we strive to create an inclusive community and promote positive social changes.

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