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Training & Consulting

Helping businesses & organizations build and transform their team culture through diversity and inclusion

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Register & Help Make Change

Register & Help Make Change

Culture Energized LLC is a premier culture transformation company that champions Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B) across the US. Specializing in foundational DEI&B learning, interactive curriculum, and skill-building, we are the preferred choice for organizations seeking to energize their workforce, begin their DEI&B journey from the ground up, or strategically build infrastructure.



We provide seven core DEI&B trainings complemented by tailored consulting services, ensuring a holistic approach to foster sustainable growth. Our programs delve deep into interactive discussions, work-based scenarios, and engaging activities. Our Why? To cultivate workplaces where everyone feels valued, heard, and confident in taking action.



We understand that DEI&B is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our wrap-around consulting services are adaptable, covering progress analysis, educational resource design, accountability coaching, 'train-the-trainer' sessions, and more.



At Culture Energized LLC, we strive to instill a deep-rooted sense of DEI&B that lasts beyond your journey with us. Ultimately creating a culture where every individual, especially underrepresented voices, can"speak their truth" and "be heard" as we strive to break down and dismantle harmful barriers and empower everyone to reach their full potential. 

"Leading the way in transformative DEIB solutions, Culture Energized LLC is your strategic partner for crafting truly inclusive organizational cultures."

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