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Register & Help Make Change

Register & Help Make Change

Culture Energized is a consulting and training company that specializes in diversity and inclusion. More than ever, businesses need to know how to grow, maintain, and empower diverse employees. Studies show that organizations with diverse teams are more profitable, creative and out perform non diverse teams, but it takes work!  We provide interactive and engaging trainings that are structured to help businesses and organizations build and transform their team culture.


Through a series of fast-paced activities, discussions and customized actions plans, your team will not only understand the importance of a diverse and inclusive workplace but leave with the tools to take action.Our trainings provide safe spaces for participants to "Speak Your Truth" and  "Be Heard" as we work to break down barriers and come up with solutions.

Diversity drives innovation.

When we limit who can contribute,

we in turn limit what problems can be solved 

Tellie, Whitney
Culture Energized LLC

Welcome to Culture Energized LLC. We are dedicated to supporting businesses and organization on their diversity, equity and inclusion journey.

Email: cultureenergized@gmail.com

Phone: 703-473-4228

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